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From time to time my son is asking me “how can I learn programming?”. Damn. When I started I had a Commodore 64 which just dropped you into Basic when you powered it on. Loading a game? It was a load command. “Using it” was programming it, even if you were only playing games.

Everything else today has big “startup cost”. So today I decided I’d go the full way and install IntelliJ for him along with everything it needs and start teaching him kotlin. (Why kotlin? Because it is the language to go if you want to show your friends what you programmed on your mobile phone - and while being the better language, I do also feel it is even “friendlier” than Java)

So after installing everything I googled for something and found Codefuchs. A page where you can program your little “robot”, as you can do in some other programming games as well - but this one uses a real programming lanugage: Kotlin!

And all that in German, with a lot of explanations - and even if as of today there are only Chapter one and two, this tutorial explains a lot of important stuff. I can only hope the authors (Flo and Anna) keep updating it.